April 8-10, 2021

Denver, Colorado
Hyatt Regency Denver

What People Are Saying About ACTHIV

“I consider ACTHIV to be the best annual HIV meeting for frontline HIV clinicians in the US. It offers both cutting-edge science for senior HIV clinicians and basic sessions for new and inexperienced providers.”
-Advanced Practice Nurse


“ACTHIV is a great opportunity to go somewhere that offers a vast amount information / education on HIV and related concerns to improve how we practice and care for our patients. Every time I attend I learn something new and meet great people with similar interests.”
-Professor of Medicine


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“The ACTHIV conference provided me an exceptional opportunity to update my HIV clinical practice knowledge and skills. Upon return from the meeting, I was immediately able to provide better HIV primary care to the adolescent and young adult patients [in my practice]. I highly recommend the meeting to providers interested in keeping up to date on HIV medicine.”

“ACTHIV consistently gets high-quality speakers from around the country who are leaders in clinical care and is always innovative in its approach to training, providing talks and learning sessions on the most up-to-date topics in HIV care and treatment. This is an absolutely phenomenal meeting and essential for the HIV treater.”
-Advanced Practice Nurse