Welcome to Short Scoops in HIV

In this asynchronous online activity, we will be exploring timely clinical topics related to caring for people living with HIV.

Current Session:  Rapid Start in the Naïve Patient
Runs from September 30 – October 30, 2019

Active Participation (which includes the opportunity to receive CE credit) is limited to the first 15 healthcare professionals who register.

Consider the Following Case:
Martin, a 34-year-old African American male, presents after being diagnosed with HIV.  He has no past medical history.  He takes a multivitamin daily and for occasion heartburn he takes over the counter antacids including Tums and Rolaids. He was diagnosed at his primary care provider’s office 2 days prior and he was sent to you for evaluation/treatment. The testing was done as part of routine primary care. His last HIV test was 2 years ago and it was negative.  He is currently asymptomatic.


  • BP: 110/70 mmHg
  • HIV antigen/antibody screening test: reactive
  • HIV antibody-reactive
  • Labs drawn and pending including HIV-1 genotype
  • Pt is ready to start treatment

Questions for Discussion:

  1. Would you start him on treatment today prior to his lab work coming back?
  2. What treatment option would you start and why?