Virtual Edition

We invite you to participate in this exciting ACTHIV learning opportunity to help you become a more experienced provider of HIV care.

The Virtual Preceptorship Program, which is supported by educational grants from Gilead Sciences and ViiV Healthcare, will take place in November and December via five, 1.5 hour Zoom meetings.

Following is the agenda for the virtual preceptorship:

Pre-work: Complete the following online ACTHIV CME/CE activities

And one of the following:

Virtual Meeting 1: Meet the patients—3 to 4 PLWH will be interviewed off-camera by the clinical director. The interviews will be watched and discussed by the clinical placement director and the preceptees. Preceptees will also be able to ask questions to the patients.

Virtual Meeting 2: Let’s talk about your cases—Each preceptee will share a clinical case for the group to discuss.

Virtual Meeting 3: It takes a team—Different team members from the host location (eg, receptionist, nurse, pharmacist, APP, physician) will talk about their roles on the team and how they support one another and the patient. This will be followed by Q&A with the preceptees.

Virtual Meeting 4: Assessing Risk and Prevention—Case discussions led by the clinical director on assessing patients’ risk for acquiring HIV and STIs, testing, counseling, and strategies for prevention

Individual Close-out meetings – Preceptees will meet individually via zoom or phone with the clinical placement director to discuss any lingering learner-specific questions/issues that were not already addressed.

Fees and Logistics:

  • There are no fees to participate in this learning experience.
  • When possible, virtual meetings will be offered at two different dates/times to better accommodate preceptees’ schedules.
  • Healthcare professionals accepted to participate will be expected to complete the pre-work (including a preliminary assessment of your HIV care knowledge and confidence), attend and participate in virtual meetings, complete a final assessment, and participate in a brief follow-up interview about your experience approximately 45 days after completing the virtual preceptorship.

Click Here to see what past participants had to say about the experience (PDF Download)